Saturday, February 25, 2012

Break dancing plus Yoga = Holy Sh*t. {Video}

Title and Video from Elephant Journal - and totally true! God the human body (and talent!) is AMAZING. x

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Calling All Birds

As well as a passion for yoga, I am in love with public relations. My life prior to putting on lycra full time, was all about Arts PR, more specifically Music PR (my last role was a National Publicist, working with some of the biggest bands in the world!). It was a hoot :)

You can take the girl outta the music industry, but you can't take the PR outta the girl.. or something along those lines :) So it's very exciting for me to announce another arm to Shiny Yoga*, and that's

Shiny PR* for people with spirit.

 Are you a yoga teacher looking to launch yourself into social media or the teaching circuit?

 Are you a massage therapist looking for more clients?

★ Are you a healer/alternative therapist who rocks at their field but has no idea where or how to start getting your name out there?

That's where I come in!

My clients so far have included the wildly successful and luminous Fluid Form Pilates & Movement, the forward thinking Rozelle Remedial Massage, and proudly, I bought the social media savvy to BodyMindLife Yoga, amongst others.

Do you need to get things happening, moving & shaking? Let's develop you to your potential - business and personal. Right now! To launch Shiny PR I'm offering a Creative Media Hour of Power consultation for the special rate of $100. Book in now!

What does the Creative Media Hour of Power include?

We'll nut out a social media marketing and PR strategy for you which revolves around your online presence - we can start from scratch, decide if it's the path you need to go down, set you up, give your brand `nd business the nudge and recognition it publicly deserves.  Do you need Facebook and Twitter (what are FB and Twitter?!) and what's a workable and consistent method of moving forward? We can promote your upcoming event / promote your biz brand and name / set up an online reputation that sparkles & so much more. 

The special rate for the Creative Media Hour of Power consultation reverts to full price after March 31, so get in quick friends and book in now. Tweet Tweet!

**Who'll be helping you? Stella holds a BA in Communications & Cultural Studies, and is a certified 500 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and lululemon athletica ambassador. She has over a decade of hands-on national Publicity & Promotions experience in the Music and Film Industries, has worked freelance, as well as for grassroots, indie record labels, and multinational major labels.

Monday Manifesto

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"What do you need today, kid?"

I was glancing around the internet (haven't had much time for that lately!) and read this quote, 

"What do you need today, kid?"

Oh I had to write it down and then I took special notice of it! Because today was one of those days.

It started with me teaching a 6:45am class, then heading to a morning meeting with a dear friend, then heading to work, teaching another class, doing more work and gulping down lunch, teaching another class, looking at the clock and freaking out at the time, doing more work and then coming home. To open the computer and get online again. Yep. One of those days.

So when I read this quote, I stopped. I switched off the work email. I opened up the blog. I read some emails from friends, responded to some texts from the women in my life who I've not been in touch with enough lately. I sat down on the couch and put my feet up.

You know, it's really busy at work. So so busy. But then I realised that I don't work alone - there are many other people at work with me. And I bet those people aren't at home right now working on their emails and getting through the night with stress. Team work is where it's at. And I'm not holding the ship, I'm just part of the team. So the email has been turned off.

When chatting with my dear friend this morning (and that's a whole post in itself... SO exciting!) she mentioned that she thought most women will give up their yoga practice when life is busy. They'll give up a daily practice because they're too busy helping others, giving up their time or placing it as less of a priority than the needs of others.

When I had a student come in looking so stressed this evening, telling me she hadn't come to class for a week because it's just too busy, I immediately thought of my morning conversation.

We do. We really do give up the things that keep us going in these tough and busy times.Yes, it's a generalisation, but I was looking at a clear example right in front of me. And within me!

So I'm taking note right now, and listening to the little note the universe kicked my way courtesy of the internet. "What do you need today, kid?"

Me? I need a long hot shower with plenty of my special ]use-for-special-occasions, christmas present body wash. I need to get into bed with the kindle and read - not work stuff, but inspiring, novel-like, light-hearted goodness. Then I need to put on a meditation cd and drift off to sleep, being grateful for the beautiful day I did have and the connections i made with the gorgeous students I have the honour to practice with, around the stress. Hmmm indeed!

Friends, what do YOU need today? And can you take just 5 minutes to give it to yourself?

Please join me : ) I know you deserve it, simply because YOU are YOU.

Namaste xo