Sunday, May 6, 2012

Monday Manifesto - a repeat

An oldie, but a (relevant) goodie!

Today's Monday Manifesto is an oldie but an oh-so-relevant goodie. It's exactly where I am, it's exactly why I'm scared and raw and uncomfortable. It's why I'm reading startup, marketing and biz coaching books and programs like they're going out of style. It's why I'm voraciously following tweetersbloggers & online personalities out there who rocking in their worlds, and making me believe I can do the same.  It's why today, this post made me cry.

Because today, dear friends, is the start of an exciting week.  It's my last week managing the yoga studio I love, and as of next week I'm diving excitedly back into the world of full-time yoga teaching, paired with the launch of my exciting new PR work.

Yoga teaching & my own PR biz = dream career, folks! 

This is what I've been working over 15 years for. Highlighting moment! Lifechanging moment! Scared sh!tless moment, more like it :) Yes, that explains the tenderness I'm feeling :) I'm completely edging outside my comfort zone, and I know the magic is out there, but yikes it takes a leap of faith to do it.

Stay tuned as my dreams unfold :)


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