Monday, January 30, 2012

Cleansing - It's A Wrap

So it's Day 23 since I started my 21 day adventure cleanse and WOOHOO it's done! Let's be honest here, it's not done done. No.. 21 days have passed, but this has had such a great impact on my adrenal stuff that I'm continuing it.

Yep, so that's the answer I am so proud to shout out and share aloud. It works! Well, that was always going to be the case though, yes? Of course eating healthy fruits, tonnes of veggies, & green-ing it up is going to have a good impact on you.

But how do I rate it? Well, in it's simplest definition, each day I wake up and I am not that heavy, exhausted kind of tired I've felt for the last (almost!) 2 years. Each day I'm able to concentrate more than I have been able to in the last many months. To be honest, like I've shared before, it's not an overnight ZING!-kinda-feeling, or that I'm just pumping with energy.

But then out of the blue and for no reason at all, I'll have a really tired day. It's at those moments I realise just how good I was feeling. And I'm happy with that :)

I'm continuing this cleanse, albeit in a modified format. This next 21 days I'm going to focus more more on the 'extras' - more meditation, more walking and moving my body, more ahimsa/non-harming to myself (not just with food, but with life and thoughts).

So there you have it. A new horizon, a new experience, a continued journey. Aren't they the best ones?


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