Monday, April 23, 2012

Never Give Up

For 2 years I've dreamed of running an ecourse. But gee there were doubts: what if no-one signed up? what if it flopped? what if people signed up but didn't like it?

For years I've dreamed of making shiny yoga* bigger and brighter. But yep, more doubts: where would the money come from? what if no one came? what if they came and hated my teaching?

Well, pooh to that.

Kris Carr talks about fear holding us back and in fact I was teaching a yoga class this week with a theme of fear and resistance, and offered my students to think of a big fear in their life, a big worry - and to picture what would happen if that fear came true.  So what if no one came to my class? What if people didn't dig me? Picture it, feel it, and then realise that often the fear isn't as bad as reality.

Here's a counter "what-if" for you: WHAT IF people came, and like my class? Or they did sign up? And my dreams came true? Maybe my worries aren't about failing at all, but succeeding. And if they fall in a pile and no one comes, at least I'm not living in the forever land of 'what-bloody-if'.

Image via the wonderful Julian Bialowas, who you can read more about here :)

So today, here's some hOMework for you. Pick a quiet dream of yours. Put it out there. Picture what would happen - the joys, the sadnesses, the successes and if you must, the failures. And then do it anyway.

Do you dare to live? I do!!! xo

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