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5 Minute Routine

Instructor: Diana Young
Dates: November 10th
Time: 1-3 PM
Cost: $45.00

Reserve your space and learn how to turn on your inner healer by using simple ENERGYSIZES in the Five Minute Routine. Great handouts Do you feel like you are struggling through the day instead of living through the day? If that is so and you want more energy and good health, incorporating the daily routine into your life is a monumental step. Like many others you will begin to experience the tremendous power you have within to create a life full of energy, peace, health and wellness. Self help and self care are The Medicine of the Future. My Mission: Helping Others Help Themselves 401-300-1915 PO Box 40546 Providence RI 02940

Dates: 12/16
Time: 6 PM
Cost: $20   

“Every season we celebrate adds more to the experience of life.”

Moonlodge celebrates the change of seasons, and each cross Quarter-season.  Gatherings are traditionally done every six weeks, eight times a year. By coming together in a sacred circle, we will observe what humankind has done to connect to nature, the elements and our intuitive sides for thousands of years. We will be sharing stories, meditating, chanting and singing as we come together as a community of friends. 
Moonlodge presenters:    Amy Woodworth - LMT, Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor and Full-Spectrum Healer and  Joy Dorsey – Reiki Master, Full Spectrum Healer, and Teacher

2013 dates: 12/16, 2/3, 3/24. 5/5, 6/23, 8/4
same time


Words of Peace Global (WOPG)

Composed largely of volunteers around the world who have experienced the peace and fulfillment of Prem Rawat’s message and want to help others do the same. We believe that every person should have the opportunity to answer life’s fundamental questions; we’ve seen that, when each one of us truly connects with our own humanity — with who we really are — we will connect with the humanity in others. This workshop wxplores the possibility of inner peace, a workshop without workbooks.

Future Dates... Jan. 19, Feb 16, March 16, April 20

video and light refreshments


CHAKRA CLASS...The Body’s Energy Stations

Come and explore the amazing vortexes of energy that hold our history, our personal story. The

word chakra means disc, vortex or wheel. These centers of electromagnetic and subtle energies

reside in seven primary stations that start at the pubic area and run up the center of our body and

over to the top of our head.

Energy is genetically coded in these centers. An imprint of every important or emotionally

significant event you have experienced is believed to be recorded in your chakra energy. It is

vital to your growth, health and your souls longing to care for these centers.

This is a class designed to give you a complete over view of the chakra system. We will learn the

main function of each chakra and its connection to the organs and other parts of the body. The

connection to our physical and psychological evolution. We will learn about survival, sex, power,

love, communication, clairvoyance and wisdom!

There will be time allotted during the class to break up into small groups to balance each other’s chakras. This will be guided instruction. This is an outstanding way to practice and to take this technique home to assist family and friends. There are class handouts to also use at home.

Class Details:

Date: TBA
Sat. 1-3 pm



The Holistic Healing Clinic

Date: TBA
Time: 3-4:30 PM

Open to the public. The clinic provides a large variety of healing modalities; Craniosacral, reflexology, massage, shiatsu, reiki, Eden Energy Medicine and more... All treatments are done fully clothed in a warm and comfortable environment. Arrive anytime between 3:00 & 4:00. *Private sessions available on request. *Treatments last 15 to 20 minutes. *Stay after the treatment and enjoy the tranquility. *Minimum donation $5 per person. *10% is donated to the Woman’s Resource Center. *Bring an item for the women’s shelter. (soaps, shampoo, toiletries, etc.) *This event will be held the last Sunday of every month, 3-4:30.

Future Dates: 10/28


Reiki 2

The second-degree Reiki Class takes you much deeper into the system of Reiki and expands your understanding of this energy work. Your healing capabilities will be enhanced. You will learn the symbols their meaning and how to use them. The mystery of healing from a distance will be taught. Once attuned you will have gained sufficient skill and understanding to begin your journey as a professional Reiki Practitioner.

The second-degree workshop is open to all students who are First Degree Reiki. Certificates of Reiki I are a requirement.

Instructor: Diana Young
Date: TBA
Time: 1 pm to 6pm
Fee: $200.00
Registration closes one week prior to the class date. (August 4th)
Register early to save your space!


Progressing Your Soul Power (Soul Empowerment Series)

Date: TBA

Facilitated by author Rand Jameson Shields Learn how to master the path of light and readily visit Heaven.

TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE: Call Cindy (812) 270-0928 or email:

Rand is also offering Divine Light Infusions Rand also is offering private 30 minute Divine Light Infusion-Archangel Ascension on Saturday morning and immediately after the workshop. Cost for this individual soul assistance work is $60. Time slots are: 10:15am; 11:00am & 5:45pm & 6:30pm During this private session your soul will be read, infused with the Light, empowered, receive a direct transmission from Heaven; and sealed in the Light with body scan and repair; body, mind soul balancing; soul awakening; revealing the Path of Light.Please call or e-mail Cindy to reserve this wonderful opportunity for your Soul. Future Dates: August 4 , September 29, December 1st.


Reiki 1
Course Description You are invited to embrace a remarkable gift of healing, the ability to heal with your hands. Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is an energy healing therapy. 'Rei' is the Japanese word, which means "universal" and is referring to a higher dimension of light and soul. 'Ki' is the Japanese word, which means the vital life force energy, which interpenetrates and connects everything in this Universe. The Usui system of Reiki is one of the easiest natural healing systems known today. It is an effective way to transfer Universal Life Energy. Once you have been "at-tuned" to Reiki, you have opened up a channel and Reiki flows through your hands. You can call on this energy at any time. It may often flow on it own accord. You will always have this energy for healing yourself and others.

Instructor: Diana Young
Class Fee: $150.00

Dates: TBA


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