Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Learning How to Move the Hips More Freely: Somatic Education for the Hips

Instructor : Kim Kies, MA, MPH, cPT, cWC and Somatic Educator

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Details : Saturday, March 14, 2009: 10:30 - 2:30pm, only $35 for 4 hours!
· 20 minute snack break, please bring a light, healthy snack and water.
· Bring a thick yoga mat and/or a blanket, and wear clothing you can move in.

We take millions of steps throughout our lives. One of the most important movements you have is that which takes place through your hips -movements involved in walking, helping us stand upright or other more complex movements. If there is chronic tension in areas of the lower back and hip area, walking or other movements through the hips will be compromised.

From this 4 hour workshop, you will learn:

1. How the brain and the muscles are integrated and experience the integration of the mind and movement.
2. How to re-program your mind to lengthen chronically contracted muscles.
3. Gentle exercises that you can do on your own to help create more ease in movement through the hips.

Appropriate for:

· Seniors with arthritis or problems walking (knee and foot problems are usually linked to hip misuse as well).
· Athletes/dancers/fitness followers that depend on the movements of the hips
· Yoga or other mind-body movement practitioners/instructors
· Those interested in medication-free ways to prevent and alleviate pain, chronic tension, and stiffness

Somatic Education offers a way to freedom from stiffness, weakness, or pain that is the result of chronic tension. It is based on basic neuroscience about how the brain and muscles work together and offers gentle and easy exercises that are appropriate for all fitness levels.

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