Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cleanse :: Day 6 The Weekend wrap

Weekends are proving hard for me.

I was still a little tired when I woke up - I guess throughout the week I've been on go-go-go that I've not thought about having time to nap, sleep or be tired. But now that I have a chance to sleep past 6am, my body calls out for it!

I really napped and slept in this morning, so there was no time to prep my green smoothie before I dashed off to teach yoga. Get this though: after teaching, the only thing I wanted was HOT CHIPS. I could smell them, could taste them, my mouth was drooling.

So if there is ever a lesson to be seen - nourish yourself properly before you head out! 

Wow. What a lesson! I made it home (NOT via the fish & chip shop, despite temptation!) and whipped up a green smoothie in record time. I must have put a bit more coconut oil in than usual because MY GOD it tasted phenomenal! Amazing! So my coconutty green smoothie certainly filled the whole.

I followed it up with my 'official' breakky, of quinoa toast with scrambled eggs, spinach and lemon. DELISH. Seriously, how can you crave hot chips after that?

That is one thing I've totally noticed this week - that I am so FULL that I'm not picking, and when I'm not picking, I'm not generally craving the chips/chocolate/sugar/coke that I've talked about this week. Most of those things make an appearance in my diet but I've always had heaps of fruit (yum, sugary!) in there and salads so kind of thought I was doing ok. 

But then when something like adrenal fatigue hits, like Angie keeps telling me, we need to get my body nourished in every single way it can be. All my meals need to fill me up at this deep level - and when I follow her plan to a T, it totally works. 

I have found that this is a lot more food than I'm used to eating, but when I eat most of it, things fly along. I don't snack - I have no desire to! I notice when I eat early (we're talking 6am smoothies here, breakfast at 830ish!) I am sustained, alert and on the ball.

* * * * * *

I totally wouldn't wish adrenal fatigue on anyone. You are exhausted all the time. And not just, 'I need a wee nap and I'll be fine' exhausted, but total bone-tired cannot get up exhaustion. Not only physically either, but mentally concentration is a challenge and this stuff isn't simply fixed by even a week of sleep. It's sustained nourishment, and I'm so glad I'm on the path :)

Phew, big outcomes in only a week!

I've also been told this week on 3 separate occasions that I'm looking really well - which I love. Am revisiting that awkward moment when people comment on how tired you look all the time but that now you're looking grdat. Yes, awkward.

But good, and it cements why I want to do this! Thanks Angie xo


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