Monday, September 3, 2012

Diary of a Detox :: Day 7

Today I woke up, set the alarm early hoping to get some stuff done before work - but BAM, it hit me for the first time in a week: that extreme tiredness that I got with adrenal fatigue. So so bone tired. I'd forgotten - oh so quickly - that this was my daily existance for the past 2 years. One week of detox and it was back. I am not surprised, starting a new job is full on, and clearly despite my all intentions, you just work from adrenals and excitement.

And when you've got no reserves, you feel like I did today. But amazingly, it started to lift when I nourished  myself foodwise.

It's such an automatic reaction - I feel tired, I grab food that'll give me a(n immediate) lift. But really, it's not the immediate lift I need, but a sustained nourishment lift. I'm really starting to see this.

Day was pretty on par, work is getting easier, food is still delish and filling, and in regards to ahem, cleansing, I'm still on track with the #PoopJuice. I had another serving of it last night but my body clearly did a lot of cleansing last week and it's been much smoother sailing today :) Except for the tummy gurgles (audible to my buddies in the office!)  it's been pretty ok.

Ahhh, it's nice to be ok :)

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