Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cleanse :: Day 3

Thursday will now be known as 'craving day'.

Pizza? I’m craving it.

Bread? Give it to me.

Chocolate? I wouldn’t push it away.

It was a day where my colon cleansing magnesium oxide totally, 100% lived up to it’s name. I've nicknamed the drink 'poop juice' and today, I was pooping all day long.

All. Day. Long. Morning and afternoon.


So truth be told I actually haven't been that hungry today, but by the time the evening rolled around, all those half-meals I’d eaten made for a very hungry me. Hence the cravings. D'oh! So lesson learnt - Angie has me on portions and times because they work!

Gee habits are a hard thing to break, and so far the most challenging thing for me has been eating early in the morning. But I'm a green smoothie lover and having that on my way to early morning yoga is the trick. It totally works and by some kind of magic, I'm starting to crave my green juice (now that's a good craving!) when I wake up!

Poop juice is 'magnesium oxide' and can only be taken for a small amount of time (not permanently, unless you want to cause permanent damage!). It basically works to clean out your insides so you have a wee bit of the runs in the morning. I am taking it alternate nights during my first 21 Days and would you believe that the first night I took it, nothing happened? That whole next day I was waiting.. waiting.. and there was a bit of tummy gurgling, but nothing like what happened today.

But oh well, I feel light! And cleansed! And I feel totally at home in my new workplace now. Ahem.

So all in all, Day 3 is going on. Cravings are about but I think they're more mental than physical as the dreaded headaches have not arrived - I guess it's because I'm totally topping up and nourishing and am not hungry, there's no deprivation, so in effect I'm crowding out the sugars/caffeine and it all seems to be working. That Angie sure knows how to do this :)

Anyone else out there making changes for Spring? Come share the love with me!

x stella

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