Friday, August 31, 2012

#Detox Day 4 - the Day of Truth

So yesterday was all about cravings. But then I came home to my amazing Food Connect box. Yay! If you're not au fait with Food Connect, it's an awesome enterprise based on the principles of Community Supported Agriculture. It's delicious, seasonal (& organic/ chemical free) produce that comes from LOCAL farmers living within a short radius of the city. Cool hey!

Now it's friday, how'd we go? Much better.

Well, till lunch.

You want honesty? You’ve got it. 

I had a work meeting/wine tasting with catered-for veggie sandwiches for a new client, and seeing as I wasn’t wine tasting, the least I could do was eat the sandwiches! I had a few triangles, which equalled one sandwich, and the belly was rumbling but I’m not sure if that’s because of the bread (wholemeal, and rye – I tried to go for the better ones) or because of the whole detox thing.

Regardless, a cupcake was thrown in there too – hey, it was the end of the first week of my new job and my boss bought them for us all! So I felt like I had to, but – honestly – it wasn’t a hard decision to make. I enjoyed every mouthful!

I did follow it up with some quinoa bread and toppings *nom nom nom* but now I’m feeling a wee bit bad – I know I need to do this detox because of what I uncovered in Day 1. I WANT TO BE WELL BECAUSE.....

That means no processed stuff. 

But I want to be realistic too, because socialising will be a big part of my life working in publicity. That said, that’s why I’m loving Angie’s detox - it's about choice, making the best available decision, and being so full of wholefoods and delish veggies that I'm not craving sugars. 

Afternoon snack - back on track!

I was expecting cravings - of course! But they haven’t been half as bad as I was anticipating, and I was expecting some vicious sugar and coffee callings! But no. Totally surprised.

I’m not hungry in the slightest – at all, not even 1%. I am not snacking like I normally do. I’m not, on the whole, craving sugar. Ok – so at night I’ve thought about my normal after dinner dessert, but it was probably only on the 2nd night I really craved it. 

Since then I’ve been totally sated.  I will be interested to see how the symptoms go tomorrow now that I had sugar and bread today. But it’s also somewhat inspiring to not throw in the towel just because of one afternoon’s mishap. Now THAT is living.

x stella

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