Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cleansing for a brighter ME #Detox Day 1

I'm doing another cleanse as we transition back in to a gorgeous sunny Spring, here in Sydney. I have always struggled with Winter, and this one was no different! A bit of the blah's and a vicious viral infection that saw me in bed for close on 2 weeks (and ingest 2 rounds of antibiotics!) has made me ever so glad to smell the Spring air.

I've also started a new job this past week and am totally loving it, but wanted to ensure I was in the best health physically and emotionally to get back behind a desk 5 days a week. I've lived a freelance life for the past 2 years, full of yoga and flexibility, so with this in mind I spoke to my gorgeous friend - Angie Cowen of AngieGlutenFree and we agreed we'd work together on a 21 Day Cleanse.

When I did my courageous cleanse earlier this year (you can read all about it here, here and here) it made such a huge difference in my life and after 2 years of strong adrenal fatigue, I finally saw a wee bit of light at the end of the tunnel. However, it's not something that is going to be 'fixed' in just a day or couple of weeks - but it's balancing on all levels that is required. Mind, Body and Spirit.

So yes, starting a job was a good time to be in tip-top condition, and Angie felt the same about nutrition as I do - that it's absolutely what we put in our bodies, but also what we feed our minds.


- I had an initial meeting with Angie, to talk about my life - my emotions, digestion, thoughts and what not. I'll be honest - I enjoyed a coffee over our chat with sugar. ("There'll be none of that on the cleanse", Angie said when she spied the processed white sugar!)

- She also asked me, "Why do you want to be well?" and it was the kicker. I knew we were meant to do this together when she asked that! Um. It's obvious, or so I thought, but really, WHY? I have spent (as I'm sure you all have!) so much time and money on feeling better, but what is the drive? It was really great to have this at the forefront of my mind (& pinned up in my kitchen! Seriously - see below!)) to remind me of joy and vitality (especially in Week 1 of detox when it's always a wee bit tough)

- Day 1 - let me tell you, I've not for a LONG time felt so full - but not overly full, just totally nourished.

Banana bread (made from soaked whole buckwheat) for Breakky (after I had a yummy green smoothie) and hearty Pumpkin Soup (for lunch) followed by Quinoa loaf (soaked to ease digestion) heaped with Angie's home-made hummus, and then chicken broth packed with quinoa and organic steamed veggies for dinner. I actually had to remind myself to eat the quinoa loaf in the arvo as I was still full from the morning!

Banana Bread for Breakfast / Chicken broth and Roast Veg + Quinoa for Dinner


Normally I don't eat till early afternoon, but Angie let me know our digestion is up and happening and primed for work between 6am and 2pm, so I'm changing my timings and habits. No cravings on Day 1 so this is off to a good start :)

Also, having Angie on the other end of the phone to talk me through stuff is simply like a big warm hug. I cried when talking to her. Emotions of first week at work? Or just having someone concerned about me and my wellbeing? Not sure, but it totally goes to show you that food is just one part of the equation and awesome as it is, cleansing needs to be supported - 100% - on all levels for any long term joy to be achieved. I just know this is going to be amazing :)

x stella

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